August 1915

Today 100 years ago saw the end of the last major assault to secure the  Ottoman position at Hill 60 at Gallipoli.

The unsuccessful attack on Hill 60 resulted  in over 1,100 allied casualties and was part of the last major offensive of the Gallipoli Campaign  during the war.

The August campaign included the Battle of Sari Bair  ( 6 to 21 August) the Battle of Scimitar Hill (21 August) and the Battle for Hill 60 (21 – 29 August).

As part of the 100 year commemoration of New Zealand participation in the war, the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa Tongarewa, features a truly magnificent and moving exhibit “Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War” that includes 6 sculptures at 2.4 times life scale.

Sculpture from “Gallipoli: The Scale of Our War” exibit.


Details of the Te Papa exhibit: