Something fishy.

Lake Malawi is the southernmost lake in the East African Rift system. It is one of the 10 largest lakes in the world and the third largest in Africa.

This lake is home to more species of fish than any other lake.

Aquarium keepers are mostly familiar with the wide variety of colourful and popular aquarium fish, Cichlids, of which there are about 1000 species  in the lake.

The lake is also home to vast numbers of lake sardine (Engraulicypris sardella), an important food species.

Lake sardines being dried, Senga, Malawi
Lake sardines being dried, Senga, Malawi

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Gedroogte blare uit die Hantam…

Buite is dit donker, koud en nat en ek sit hier met ‘n hand vol herrinering …

‘n Handvol gruis uit die Hantam –
My liewe, lekker Hantam-wyk!
‘n Handvol gruis en gedroogde blare,
Waboom-blare, ghnarrabos-blare!
Arm was ek gister, en nou is ek ryk.
Arm in herinnering, arm in verbeelding,
Arm in onthou van die vroeër jare
Deurgebring in die Hantam-wyk.
‘n Handvol gras en gedroogde blare
Maak my, wat arm was, koning-ryk –
Ryk in herinnering, ryk in verbeelding,
Ryk in onthou van die vroeër tyd
Toe die Hantam-wêreld al die wêreld
Vir my was in die vroeër tyd.
‘n Handvol gruis en gedroogde blare
Vertel so veel van die wonderjare
In my liewe lekker Hantam-wyk –
Waboom-blare, ghnarrabos-blare –
Arm eergister en nou skatryk!


C Louis Leipoldt

Wouter by Leipoldt se graf, Pakhuispas (Clanwilliam).


In Africa but not of Africa

Great Zimbabwe is a vast stone complex after which the country is now named.

There is now consensus that this complex was built by the Shona people. This was not always thus and some earlier archaeological work was done consistent with Einstein’s observation “it is the theory that decides what we can observe”.

A prior archeologist employed by Cicil John Rhodes was so convinced that the structure could not be of African origin that he ordered around 1.5 meters of top soil (containing the detritus of African occupation) to be removed from the complex and dumped in the veld.

Great Zimbabwe - Hill Complex
Great Zimbabwe – Hill Complex
Great Zimbabwe - Hill Complex
Great Zimbabwe – Hill Complex

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