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Largest Egg.

The largest eggs in the world are those of the ostrich. An ostrich egg is the equivalent of around 20-24 chicken eggs.

The largest egg relative to the body size of the bird that lays it is that of the kiwi. The kiwi’s egg is six times the expected size for an egg of a bird of that size. Because of the size of the egg, a clutch consists of a single egg.


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Look how much I’ve got.

There are more native plant species on table mountain than in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Table mountain is part of the Cape Floral Kingdom or Floristic Region.  It is the smallest of the six such natural areas in the world, and the only one contained within the borders of a single country.

Eight pockets of lands combined forms a World Heritage Site , a serial site called the Cape Floral Region Protected Areas. This site comprises around 0.5% of the surface area of the African continent, but is home to nearly 20% of its flora.

Table Mountain.

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Discerning Taste

The Addo fligtless dung beetle (Circellium bacchus) show clear preferences when it comes to dung. It prefers the dung of two members of the big five and specifically Buffalo for breeding and Elephant for eating.

Addo fligtless dung beetle (Circellium bacchus) in elephant dung.

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King of My Castle

The Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus) is the largest eagle in Africa and one of the largest in the world.  It can have  a wingspan exceeding 2.5 meters.

The largest eagle (at least by weight) is Steller’s sea eagle that tip the scales at just shy of 10kg and they can be found in Russia, Korea and Japan.

Martial Eagle (Polemaetus bellicosus).

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Mum (and dad) in firm control

The Cotton Top Tamarin (Saguinus oedipus) live in small social groups of between two and thirteen individuals.

In this group there is a single dominant monogamous breeding pair. The dominant female uses pheromones to inhibit the reproductive cycle of the other females in the group.

Although all the offspring belongs to a single pair, care for the young seems to be a responsibility shared by the whole group.

Cotton Top Tamarin (Saguinus oedipus)

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Miles long monument

The Cango caves natural monument near Oudtshoorn in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa is one of the first natural resources to receive  protection in South Africa. The first Caves Regulation was published in 1820 banning the collection of souvenirs and fines for damaging the caves.

Throne room, Cango caves complex, Oudtshoorn.

How large the cave complex is is still unknown, but what is known is that it exceeds 5 kilometers in length. The single largest chamber in the complex is 107 meters across and 16 meters high.

Van Zyl hall, Cango caves complex.

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My Best Side Forward

The moon is in synchronous rotation with the earth. This means that the moon turns around its own axis at the same speed it orbits earth. The result is that the same side of the moon is always visible from earth.

Due to irregularities in the moon’s orbit, slightly different portions of the moon is visible at different times, but no more than 59% of the moon’s surface can ever be observed from earth.


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